Recycling & Waste Treatment

Recycling & waste treatment includes thermal recovery, high-temperature incineration, and waste water treatment and purification.

The high-temperature waste incinerator is one of the most modern incineration plants of the world. It was built to incinerate waste that cannot be treated in any other type of plant 

  • Incineration of 8'000 to 9'000 t per year
  • Plant operates 24 hours, at 7 days per week
  • Computer-assisted operation and control of all operation process parameters


The water pretreatment plant is based on active carbon columns that absorb the effluents' organic impurities. The active carbon is reactivated for reuse.


Based on the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008, DOTTIKON ensures that the safety, health and environmental requirements of authorities and customers are consistently met.