High purity isosorbide dimethyl ether (CAS 5306-85-4)

Drug Master File type IV, "Letter of Access" available upon request

Solubility enhancer in



  • Self-tanning 
  • Skin whitening
  • Skin cleaning
  • Anti-ageing



  • Pharma grade
  • Accelerated penetration
  • Formulation and stability enhancer
  • Miscible with water



  • Among best-in-class leaf penetration promoters
  • High water retention rate
  • No phytotoxicity observed


Performance additive in


Various industries

  • Phase transfer reagent 
  • FDA and EU food regulations compliance
  • Water-based formulations
  • Improved adhesive properties


Isosorbide applications


Article on isosorbide as renewable platform for novel applications

Spec. Chem. Mag. 34, 24 (2014).

Scanning electron micrograph of Dottisol in water spray droplet on cuticular tomato leaf membrane