High purity isosorbide dimethyl ether (CAS 5306-85-4)

Drug Master File type IV, "Letter of Access" available upon request

Solubility enhancer in



  • Self-tanning 
  • Skin whitening
  • Skin cleaning
  • Anti-ageing



  • Pharma grade
  • Accelerated penetration
  • Formulation and stability enhancer
  • Miscible with water



  • Among best-in-class leaf penetration promoters
  • High water retention rate
  • No phytotoxicity observed


Performance additive in


Various industries

  • Phase transfer reagent 
  • FDA and EU food regulations compliance
  • Water-based formulations
  • Improved adhesive properties


Isosorbide applications


Article on isosorbide as renewable platform for novel applications

Spec. Chem. Mag. 34, 24 (2014).

Scanning electron micrograph of Dottisol® in water spray droplet on cuticular tomato leaf membrane